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Innovative Aquarium Fish Egg Tumblers (ZET-80, ZET-65 and ZET-55) was Released


ZET-80 : Best for big sized fish (Ex. Frontosa, Petrochromis)

ZET-65 : Best for middle sized fish (Ex. peacock, tropheus etc.)

ZET-55 : Best for small sized fish (Ex. Pseudotropheus, Xenotilapia, Corydoras, Ancistrus etc)




Real Body size of 3 tumblers (ZET-55, ZET-65, ZET-80)


Installed image of ZET-80




Including parts of ZET-65


Ziss tumblers (ZET-80 and ZET-65) are completely new aquarium fish egg incubators.

Their patented design enable to avoid any other shock by installing same tank inside. 

They work with air bubble and tumbling speed can be controlled by enclosed air valve.

Ziss tumblers will make you happy. 



Description of Ziss Tumbler (ZET-80)
- Overall Dimension : 85mm x 250mm (bottom inner diameter : 80mm)

- Actual volume : 650mL
- Water in : Filtered water is supplied via center 10 mm hole
- Water out : Inserted water is out via 25 mm upper side hole by air bubbling
- Water filter : variable to tank system


Description of Ziss Tumbler (ZET-65)

- Overall Dimension : 70mm x 220mm (bottom inner diameter : 65mm)
- Actual bottom part volume : 450mL
- Color : clear
- Included Part : tumbler, filter sponge, silicon hose, rubber, air control valve, air stone, stainless net
- Net Weight :
- Material : Polycarbonate regin (P.C., ABS, Silicon, Stainless)
- Origin : Made in Korea



- Can Hatch Extreamly Sensitive Fish Species (Frontosa Blue Moba, Xenotilapia Red Princess, Tembewe Deux etc.)

- Very well working even at early stage striped eggs

- Very well working even at early stage striped eggs- Easy installation on tank inside by innovative submersible design
- Shocks by water change can be eliminated
- Applicable for multi-egg species production
- Additional water inlet/outlet system is not required
- Easy operation by self-standing leg, additional holder and air control valve
- Embryonic development can be easily observed
- Bad/rotten eggs can be easily removed by siphoning
- Eggs and sac fry are not stressed by soft flow of water and round bottom design
- Shorten the breeding cycle of the breeder

Ziss Egg Tumbler Installation Guide


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We don't ship to US. In US Market.. Our product sold name as Egg-Rocker by Cobalt Aquatics.






============== Ziss EZ Breeders Launched =============






Can be hang on by adjustable holder
Can be attached by suction cups....
Connectable structure to big breeding box (BL-2 and BL-3)
Double protection by additional bottom plastic net
High Quality Stainless Steel net (Made in Korea, Sus 304)

Volume : 2.4 L
Size : 14 cm X 14 cm X 15 cm

Detailed shape can be changed



Installation Guide 



Cleaning & Double Breeding Box